co Budget Storage of Redmond OR.

co Budget Storage is located at:

2173 S Highway 97
Redmond Or

between Interior Concept and the Subway shop.

To enter the property:

Once you have obtained a 4 digit gate code from our office staff,
pull up to either gate #1 or #2. Input you gate code at the 10 key pad
using the # key first followed by your 4 digit code.
(example: #1955)
The gate will open. Please only one car or truck at a time.
The gate will automatically close behind you as you enter.
Gate #3 is an Exit only gate

To exit the property:

Pull up slowly to any of the 3 gates. As you approach the gate will
automatically sense the car or truck and open. The Gate will automatically
close after your exit.

Emergency Exit:

In the event your car or truck breaks down and you need to Exit,
Gate #2 has an Emergency Exit key pad. To use, use the gate code number located on the emergency exit sign
without using the (#) pound key.
(Example 1955)
The gate will automatically open to let you exit.

Thank You for allowing co Budget Storage to be your Central Oregon Storage Solution